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Prepaid Cards

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Ewire General Cards provide its customer's access to its Prepaid Card & Mobile application, which customers can download via Google & Play Store and enjoy a hassle-free transaction experience.

Ewire Co-Branded Prepaid Cards provide a superior co-branded experience to its platform deployer (Co-operative Banks, NIDHI Companies, NBFCs, Institutions, Corporates & Government Agencies), wherein they will get Prepaid Cards its related Mobile Application and its dedicated card Program management platform.

Both the General & Co-branded Prepaid Cards will have all the value-added features like P2P, IMPS, UPI, NCMC, NFC ... etc.

Ewire Co-branded Prepaid Card

Key Features

    • Branch wise reports
    • Common platform connect with all users
    • Last Mile Financial Delivery



    • Online & Offline Transactions
    • Fast, Secured & Contactless transactions
    • Robust Mobile Wallet with P2P, IMPS & other value-added bene

Just in time disbursements

Ewire's JIT (Just In Time) mechanism is specifically designed for Co-operative Banks, NBFCs, NIDHI Companies and Government Agencies to provide end-users with on-demand payments which work whenever the customer swipes the card in any PoS or tries to withdraw money from any ATM, then only fund transfer will take place from the pool account of the entity (Co-operative Banks, NBFCs, NIDHI Companies and Government Agencies) to borrower/client.

Centralized Disbursement

When the customer swipes the card in Pos or try to withdraw money from the ATM, then only fund transfer

Ewire Softtech Private Limited is providing JIT features to Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies(PACS)