Team Members

D. Udayabhanu

Founder & Managing Director

D. Udayabhanu is a business entrepreneur and has more than 38 years' experience in the Middle East and Asian countries. His core business focus is in Telecommunications Infra Structure development, which has enabled him to complete several big projects in India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries. Apart from telecommunications, he has a deep interest and understanding of advanced IT solutions, which enabled him to provide solutions in several projects that are still regarded as pioneering. He also foresees e-commerce as an economic revolution that will be a game changer for India. One of his initiatives in this regard – a grocery online model in India under the brand name of 'biggro', is gaining in popularity across the state of Kerala. Along with Saudi Companies and Ewire, Mr. Udayabhanu is the guiding figure to many companies, as Managing Director of Tele Tek Pvt. Ltd, Impel Group of Companies and Pomona IT Services.