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Ready to shape the
the Next-Gen of Banking?

Welcome Hackstronauts, to the Fin-A-Thon by South Indian Bank!

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for Fin-A-Thon by visiting Unstop.

Register now

for Fin-A-Thon by visiting Unstop.

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I agree to the terms and conditions

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All eyes on the Prize!

Winner gets
₹ 3Lakh
+ Interview
Opportunities / PPO

3rd Runner-up gets
₹ 1Lakh
+ Interview
Opportunities / PPO

2nd Runner-up gets
₹ 2Lakh
+ Interview
Opportunities / PPO


Solve 3 challenges with your out-of-world innovation!

Guiding Stars for your Mission



Gear up for a cosmic banking revolution! With SIB Mirror+ as your ultimate tool for the mission.

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Prepare yourself for a cosmic revolution that will have an enduring influence on the realm of digital banking.

Let your Hackstronaut adventure begin!


There isn't any specific eligibility criteria. Participants who aim to push boundaries and help find solutions in banking industry are welcome to participate.

Participants should come prepared with their own laptops and any necessary devices or tools they require to fully participate in the Fin-A-thon.

Participants should form teams consisting of a minimum of 3 to 5 people to participate in the Fin-A-thon. Individual participation is not allowed.

No, you do not need to have professional technical qualifications to participate. We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Your passion for innovation and problem-solving is what matters most.

Registration details and instructions can be found on the official Fin-A-thon website. Typically, you will need to fill out our registration form and follow the provided guidelines.

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